Minsk Regional Local History Museum

State institution “Minsk regional museum of local lore” was founded in Molodechno in 1959. Since 2006 Museum operates in a new building. In September 2011, a permanent exposition “The History of Minsk region from ancient times to the beginning of XX century” is open. Since 2013 – the permanent exposition “Nature of the Minsk region” has been working. The main project of 2022 – the exhibition “Memory and pain of the Minsk land” dedicated to the genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic war.
The main museum fund on 1 January 2023 consists of 52 385 items, which are distributed across 37 collections. The research additional fund includes 28 719 items.
Special attention is paid to work with young people. New forms of work are being introduced:
- Quest (combining two types of services, excursion at a certain moment is supplemented by one of the quest tasks). http://molodechno-mokm.museum.by/node/49516.
- Guidebook “Museum walk” (independent study of the history of the native land). http://molodechno-mokm.museum.by/node/61568
- Museum classes. http://molodechno-mokm.museum.by/visitor.
More detailed information about museum, exhibitions, funds and services you can find in other sections of the site “For visitors” and “Events”